I’ll fly in through the cage door, design freedom from my perch. Paint rivers, swim skies. Sing.

    Animation designed for the TSHIRT STORE. Created to reflect the success of the business as well as future goals.

  • The Fuzzy Fella

    The Fuzzy Fella children's story brought to life through motion graphics.

  • Prince of Persia

    Development for Disney's Prince of Persia online competition hub.

  • Karl Ryan

    Website design for international gentleman and private entertainer, Karl Ryan.

  • Samsung

    Microsite and ad campaign designed for Samsung 3DTV. Theme developed around competition to run through the World Cup season, in connection with Tech Radar and T3.

  • Grand Central

    Website designed and illustrated for popular New Zealand bar, located in Ponsonby, Auckland.

  • Natalia

    Website created to elegantly showcase the work of make-up artist, Natalia Harsaniova. Animated images reveal a sequence of images feauturing her work along with a short bio.

  • Packard Bell

    Concept developed for a microsite designed to showcase a new series of computers from Packard Bell.

  • {true}q

    Website designed for {true}q, a London based video and music production company. Further development included an adapted site for mobile phones.

  • Metroid

    Ad campaign (Reskin, MPU, Sky Scraper and Banner) designed for the action-adventure game Metroid.

  • Panasonic

    Campaign pitch designed for Panasonic 3DTV. Includes Reskin, Banner, MPU, and Sky Scraper designed to run on Tech Radar site.

  • LG

    Campaign for LG's Infinia 3DTV. Designs include Reskin, Banner, MPU, and Sky Scraper.

  • Passing OSCEs

    Ad design to promote the release of the Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs, Candidate Briefings, Patient Briefings, and Mark Schemes.

  • Samsung

    Ad campaign (Reskin, MPU, Sky Scraper and Banner) designed for the action-adventure game Metroid to run on CVG and Games Radar gaming sites simultaneously.

  • Prince of Persia

    Prince of Persia Ad Campaign to run on CVG and Games Radar sites ahead of the premiere.

  • UK Paintball

    Ad campaign created for UK Paintball, designed to emulate the feeling of a video game (Reskin, MPU, Sky, Banner)

  • Open Doors

    Ad created as part of the national debut campaign, of Open Doors in Jamaica.

  • Joop

    Concept designs for key title press adverising, communicating the offer of a free t-shirt with any fragrance purchased from the Joop House.

  • Architectural Mouldings

    Full page ad designed to promote and inform on the work of master craftsmen, Architectural Mouldings.

  • Aon Insurance

    Illustration based on the identifcation and assesment of risk and the benefits of risk management software.

  • The Beetle, Barabus

    Story, design and illustration of "The Beetle, Barabus", children's book. Sample illustrations, digital media.

  • iShares

    Artwork created as part of an online advertisement for iShares, family of Exchange Traded Funds.

  • Bride to Be

    Illustration designed to commemorate a traditional serving of Afternoon Tea and party in honour of Natalia, bride to be.

  • Willow Wise

    Story, design and illustration of the children's book "Willow Wise". Sample illustration, digital media.

  • EPUK

    Illustrations designed for Environmental Protection UK, to support articles on Contaminated Land and Your Home, Air Pollution and Storing Petrol at Home.

  • X Factor

    A group of illustrations created to compliment the website promoting the X Factor television series.

  • Vox Humana

    Promotional illustration for Vox Humana, a festival featuring vocal groups from all over the world. The voices are the music.

  • The Fuzzy Fella

    Story, design and illustration of the "Fuzzy Fella" children's book. Sample illustration, digital media.

  • The Fuzzy Fella

    Sample illustration from the "Fuzzy Fella" children's book, digital media.

  • Mon & Teddy

    Illustration designed as a gift for the bride and groom.

  • Olympic Spirit

    A visual metaphor for the Olympic Spirit to be placed on the tail end of the plane spreading across the body. Products designed to enhance the concept.

  • Ladybirds

    Clothing illustration, oil pastel media.

  • Strand

    Illustration created to enhance the online presence of awad winning marketing and PR agency, Strand.

  • Telephants

    Sample of the images created for the children's book "Telephants" (adapted from Willow Wise). Mixed media.

  • Passing OSCEs

    Development and production of The Unofficial Guide to Passing OSCEs: Candidate Briefings, Patient Briefings and Mark Schemes. Designed to help students with their studies.

  • Great Wall Gallery

    Business cards, and postcards created for Great Wall Gallery brand.

  • {true}q

    Print materials created for branding project, including business cards, invoices, and compslips.

  • Architectural Mouldings

    Folder created for leading craftsmen, Architetural Mouldings.This project extended to compslips, brochure, webiste and full page ad.

  • Pass Global Healthcare

    Brand design for Pass Global Healthcare, this included name generation, logo, stationary, sales literature, website and advertising.

  • Nalishebo & Christian

    Wedding invite, monogram and Order of Service designed for Christian and Nalishebo.

  • Open Doors

    Identity designed for Jamaican based charity Open Doors, helping young artists in Jamaica by providing materials and guidance needed to bring the artists talents to the world.

  • Cigna International

    Sales literature for Cigna International Healthcare including brochure, wallet and leaflets, as well as full page ad.

  • Aviva

    The "Spirit of Aviva" booklet and brochure.

  • Soul Feet

    Illustrated brand identity created for reflexology company, Soul Feet.

  • Lose to Win

    Brand Identity created for charitable project Lose to Win, collaborating with hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier.

  • Archer

    Brand created for Australian based contractor, specializing in carpentry, construction, renovation and repair.

  • Wedding Angels

    Logo created for company that gathers and disseminates information on wedding related businesses.

  • {true}q

    A rebranding project for a production company specializing in video and music, as well as events. Various print and digital applications.

  • Great Wall Gallery

    Brand created for a gallery in Singapore featuring Cuban artists. Logo, Postcard, BusinessCards and digital designs.

  • Megapower

    Brand created for innovative company Megapower, running the first solar electric car port in Barbados.

  • Karl Ryan

    Brand created to represent exclusive and discreet personal service of international gentleman, Karl Ryan.

  • Runaway

    Brand and illustrations created for an exclusive hoodie label.

  • Danza Cubana

    Logo created and illustrated for the "Litz Alfonzo's Danza Cubana" show.

  • Tax the Car

    Brand development for Tax the Car, a service providing easy payment and record keeping for vehicle tax.

  • Natalia

    Identity created to showcase the work of make-up artist, Natalia Harsaniova.

  • Natalie Williams

    Cd cover design (front and back) as well as CD imprint and insert. Natalie Williams, My Oh My.

  • Sam Sparro

    Flyer and poster created for Sam Sparro's special performance hosted at Shoreditch House, presented by Sound Tribe.